Python Hunts

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Catch Pythons Like a Pro Through Our Guided Hunting Trips

With our professional guided hunting trips, you can experience the adventure of hunting pythons in the Everglades and Francis Tylor Wildlife Management off of the Tamiami Trail 41 without the need for a hunting license. Our sessions take place during the winter, in the months of January through March, when pythons start basking in the sun on Levee and Spoil Islands.

Our Policies

Our tours start at 8:00 am and are conducted by boat or vehicle, depending on the weather and current snake movement. The season is short and slots are limited, so make sure to book an appointment early. We require a 50% deposit fee for slot reservations.

Accommodations and Inclusions

We require our hunting customers to be responsible for their meals, lodging, and primitive camping at one of the local campgrounds. However, our company provides free drinks and snacks during the hunting tour.


The preferred method to catch pythons is to grab them by hand, but you can also use a .22 that we provide to dispatch the snakes. The pythons caught will be skinned by our team and returned to you. Since python meat has high mercury levels, we do not recommend it for consumption.

Our Rates

  • $1500 per day for a group of up to 4 hunters

  • $350 per additional hunter

Find Out More About Our Services

To get more information about our guided python hunting trips, contact us today at Bill Booth Outdoors. Our staff is always ready to answer any questions and concerns.

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