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Explore the Great Outdoors Like Never Before

Driven by his passion for the outdoors, our founder and TV personality, Bill Booth established Bill Booth Outdoors in 2007 to provide people with one-of-a-kind hunting experiences in South and Central Florida. From hunting free-range alligators to catching pythons, Bill Booth Outdoors can offer you a Florida adventure of a lifetime!

About Our Owner

As a young boy living in Florida, Bill loved spending time with his grandfather by going deer hunting. This sparked his passion for the outdoors, which he carried throughout his life by working as a taxidermist, professional hunting guide, and wildlife photographer.

In 2016, Bill won the Florida Python Challenge and has been catching pythons in the Everglades since then. He is also a cast member on “Swamp People: Serpent Invasion,” featuring Florida’s battle against pythons in the Everglades.


What We Offer


Professional Guided Alligator Hunts

Get up close and personal with free-range alligators on our professional alligator hunts. We offer our expeditions year-round on private ranches in West Central Florida with thousands of acres of lakes, rivers, and swamps.

Professional Guided Python Hunts

Experience the feeling of seeing Florida’s incredible wildlife.  Our professional python hunts take place during the winter months in the Everglades and surrounding areas.


Join Our Adventures Today

If you would like to experience an adventure of a lifetime, reach out to us to join our professional guided hunts in South and Central Florida. We look forward to having you onboard.